Huh oh! I guess it sounded more like I was giving up the bloggin' ghost in that last post. No way, kiddos! I'm not doing as much writing, but I hope that's just a phase--we have some projects we're working on around the house, so there are some big distractions.
Finishing up the Chicken Palace is one. I started painting the building yesterday, a few more cedar shingles should be added to the top. There's a bit of trim left to add, too. We went back and forth about the most appropriate run for them, and finally settled on a split rail cedar fence lined with chicken wire. It keeps the openness of the yard, while keeping the gals from wandering into the neighbors yards. Not everyone is keen on chickens, so we want to be respectful of that.
We're getting about 3 eggs a day from the five girls; 4 of the 5 are laying, the last one is also the highest in the pecking order. I'm not sure, but it seems like she was really stressed out from the move, which, as far as I can tell, would prevent her from laying. No matter, they're a lot of fun to watch.
Selflesh listed Henry Miller's 11 Commandments for writing on her blog, and I loved them so much I kept finding myself referencing that particular blog post over and over. To remedy that, I picniked the words together into a little poster of sorts for hanging above my computer in my studio. You can see it in teeny tiny form here, or click on this link and see/print it inits original glory. (I changed the words to be more artist appropriate, but check out Shannon's post for the original.

Beyond his wisdom, it's pretty comforting knowing that even Henry Miller had problems staying focused.

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Camilla said...

I've got that post bookmarked too! I read most of my blogs via bloglines and that is one of the posts I keep 'as new' maybe I need to do what you did and print out a version of it.

ps- glad you and the chickens will be around for a while longer!