a reminder for myself

Over the years with this blog, I've written several posts about Screaming Mimi, the alias we've given to our neighbor Kathleen who likes to yell at us like we're her bratty little children. I've usually erased them, thinking of privacy and others' shortfalls, generally feeling like a blog isn't the best way to resolve issues. Plus I have a boatload of faults of my own, so who am I to badmouth anyone. When it's all said and done, I didn't want to give the lady the chance to turn her negativity around and make me/us look like the bad guys. You never know, maybe her favorite color vanished into the land of never having actually existed. That would suck, right?
But this lady takes the cake. She's harassed us for 3 years about our dogs, claiming they bark incessantly. (Current dog level at zero, Wolfgang did bark twice though since I came home. Ruff. 5 seconds. Ruff. I kid you not, I live like this, counting dog barks, looking at the empty or full parking space of hers to forecast just how cheerful my day will be. Screaming Mimi's not home again today? Rays of sunshine will fill my life! Hooray!)
This morning Screaming Mimi called Hi-C and cussed him out about our dogs barking all night long. Amazing, since I didn't wake up to their barks, and I'm a pretty light sleeper. Today's forecast: cloudy.

What does all this boil down to? Big moral of the story? Don't let meany pants pooh pooh heads move in next door.

And also, a bad attitude is the worst accompaniment to breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Mean neighbors stink. :(