How spoiled am I after a 4 day weekend? Huggie Bear had the right idea, sleeping the days away. Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of extra sleeping time in, but it was a mostly restful holiday nonetheless.
Since C and I seem to struggle for the pared down simple life (that's actually a Struggle with a capital S), we aren't asking for much for Christmas. But that's one of those things that you can say and some people (like mothers who shower us both with love and attention) still want to give physical tokens of their love. In honor of them (wink wink), here are a few things that lighten my soul:
  • Resurrection Fern will be opening her shop today at 4 PM. I love love love {etc.} her wrapped/netted/doily covered rocks.
  • Will Bryant's I made this for you POWERPACK. $45 of fabulosity. Someone get me this, please, because he's awesome, so is his work and his undying positivity keeps me striving to be better.
  • Probably not too kosher to toot my own horn, but if I didn't have a copy, this would be on my list.
  • One of the gorgeous french press cozies by Mogwaii, so I don't have to dirty up a thermos to keep the last bit of coffee warm for 30 minutes while I finish my first cup of the day.
That's the short list--but hey! Why list them all today, after all there's 24 more days til the give-stuff-to-each-other-to-celebrate-Jesus'-birthday day, which means there's plenty of time to give you ideas!

As for me and C, we're making headway with the homemade prezzies, and when we're not making things, we're distracting ourselves with the easy tasks like watching movies, making recycled catalog/junk mail gift tags, and refinishing the upstairs hardwoods. Yeah, I don't know how that happened, except that yesterday when faced with the choice of continuing the making presents spree or doing something we've been putting off for months, we chose the latter and worked on the floors.

How exactly does that work, you say? Choosing back-breaking over fun craftiness? I'm not sure, but put a deadline in front of either of us and we'll pick being buried alive over working towards the deadline. Well, actually, I chose intermittent photo documenting/playing on flickr and let C do the back-breaking labor, but still, I contributed some!


Anonymous said...

those tags are too cute - i think i'm going to have to steal that idea!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

please feel free to steal away!

Will_Bryant said...

oh wow! thanks for you sweeeeet sweet word :)
if Santa doesn't bring it, im sure someone will drop it off on yer steps!