These tags/small pieces of action art are bits to make your day brighter, to make someone else's day brighter, and also to let someone know how you feel.

We all need to be a little more open and honest right?

Sometimes that's easy, sometimes it's not so simple. Especially if you're in a bind and need to be civil with someone who was less than careful with matters of the heart.

Perhaps you've been hurt by a nasty needler, or are bitter about a knitter. Why not let them know, in the nicest and funniest of ways that their behavior was off?

Maybe someone helps keep you together, or makes you laugh at the silliest of things? Let them know their efforts are appreciated.

Pocket sized ways to maintain your pride this holiday season, no matter what situation it may throw at you.

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Heavy Petal said...

Oh, Renee, this cracked me up! Love love love it. (Today I'll be mumbling, "darn it all" to myself and chuckling under my breath. Thanks.)