Andrea has 2 of my posters in her nursery, and they look so good! It was such an honor to see them in place, I thought she might like to have a give-away for her readers at Heavy Petal. . .and she thought it was a good idea, too!
Even if you don't want the freebies, she has a great design aesthetic, and lots of plant-loving advice, so she's definitely worth checking out.

Jen at IndieFixx has a contest going to win some Ink and Wit goodness. {PS: she also has the last of the posters available in her shop. I already took them out of my shop, so what she has is it folks!}

Jena is preaching the goodness of holiDIYs.

There is nothing NEETer than a good design mag.

You can't judge A Book By Its Cover, but you can still get a great one for coloring in a classy basic black.

Umm, hello!?! Where have I been, hiding under a rock?? I'm so excited to learn that Modern Fabrics is coming to Charlotte! Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

I saw that on her blog! :) How very cool! I love your air plant print you are doing!