Using these pictures is sort of cheating, since they're actually from my Modish post on Friday, and although I took some pictures over the weekend, I won't get to play with them for a couple days yet--at least until I get caught up with shipping out the coloring books and calendars.

We took a short trip up to Virginia this past weekend, and despite all the "Beware of Bears" signs, didn't see any black bears. We saw a cow out of its pasture, lots of deer and a groundhog, but no bears.

Right before we left, one of the goldfish started looking like it's life was nearing an end, but we weren't ready to euthanize him (her?) so we asked my sister-in-law to check on him while we were gone. He wasn't in the pond when we got back, so the fish-suspicions were correct.

We'd left them all unnamed because of this sort of thing, so he quietly left the world.

I wonder how I'll feel when a chicken dies. Not that we have any. ahem. . .

to be continued. . .

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you thank you! I got the calendar this weekend and it is just fantastic--it will brighten my grim cubicle come January. I adore how you always include some fun surprise in your packages, too; it's like Christmas each time!