should be heading my way. . . though I'm still reading Food Not Lawns, Gaia's Garden, and the newest addition to my learning curve collection: Beekeeping: a practical guide.

Though I have a few small philosophical differences with Food Not Lawns, it's exactly what I needed in terms of reinforcing my ecological beliefs.

A few weeks ago, Pat with the Cornell Lab wrote and asked if it was okay if she send along news and events related to their work. Not only was it really cool to have her write (I felt special! though I'm sure she wrote a lot of people), it was also great to have the opportunity to sign on and spread the word to you, dear friends.

Well, I got my first email from her and it's about Project Feeder Watch. You schedule certain times into your day to watch your feeder (and after our experience this past summer it won't take long for you to remember to go check it out, and the few minutes you intend to sit and watch will probably turn into hours) and track what you see and when. They send you some goodies to help make identification a little easier, and if you capture some pictures of your visitors, you can share those with them as well! Perhaps I'm geeking out over this a little too much, but if I see a Shirley and you don't, you'll be the one with some ruffled feathers.

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