I finished the calendar just in time to trek it up to Illinois for Renegade. They'll ship this week, but as soon as I'm ready to start shipping, the price will go up $5, so now is your chance to get to gettin'. (See all the illustrations as a slide show here.)

I guess when you spend close to 30 hours in a car over the course of 5 days certain answers are bound to come. (One answer being: the phrase douche bag never fails to make me giggle.) Especially after 2 days of untimely rains, the spirits tend to get damp. As they become clearer and I start off in new directions, I'm sure I'll share them. In the meantime, I'm feeling windblown and trying to find my internal ground hold. Hmm, do I say that a lot?

Then you get a tidbit of honest feedback from the man in your life:
"I hate to say it, but if you'd spent an equal amount of time marketing and making new work as we did this past weekend, you would've made more money."
Ouch, kick me with the boot of brutal honesty. Not that money is everything, but that's a big trip to take just to break even, you know?

Now I've got a lot of leftover stock from Renegade so I've decided a clearance sale is in order. As I unpack, more items will be added as well, so keep checking back.

Right before I left, I was accepted to a really cool site that shows off new artists. It's a great resource, so I'm honored to be a part of it! Go there, but please don't stare. . .just gawk.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! I tried to leave a comment on the post w/ the August image in it, asking what the size of the calendar is, but I don't think it went through. Weird. I just wondered if it's desk or wall-sized. :-D

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Kate, with a little bit of detective work, I've found your email and will email you! In the meantime for others wondering, it's about 6 1/2 x 11", appropriate for either, I think :)

Anonymous said...

Thank yoooou!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Love the sale flyer. :) What a weekend, eh? I feel soooo weird today-- like aprt of my brain was washed away with the tents down the streets of Chicago.

And congrats on gawker-- I'm on there, too, and I get lots of hits from it!

Jan said...

Love the calendar Renee!!! Your illustrations rock! Good luck on gawker - that looks very cool! Sorry Chi-town washed you out!

Anonymous said...

Renee, you are so creative and AMBITIOUS!! I'm so impressed that you were able to do so many illustrations and so early (prefect timing) in the year.
Congrats on such a nice body of work :)