Goodbye long weekend, hello short week! Charlie finished his first batch of home brew, got 'em all labeled up and we did a little tasting this weekend. There's an annual Labor Day Weekend festival near our house that brings out the worst in people (since when is it okay to park in a true lane in the road? Ripping up no parking signs and parking where they were temporarily placed. Kids scaling our 6 + foot fence because walking around our backyard is apparently too much trouble. . .) and makes me and the Mister seriously consider any outings before attempting them.

Naturally, there was drawing time (and a sneak peek for you of the 2009 Calendar).

This is the last week of the Handmade Kids Contest on etsy, so if you haven't, and you're feeling generous, would you kindly vote for my Fungi Poster? If you have, I'd like to thank you again. I'd hug you if it weren't for this computer screen in the way.

Also, we ripped up one veggie bed, readying the space for Lacey 6 row barley. We picked barley as a cover crop for the winter, hoping to reap the benefits of a grain over something like clover. This hopefulness seems to create a stir among the world outside our little Sweet Haven. The common consensus is that grain should be a large acreage crop, not a mere couple hundred feet worth. But we're hopeful, and ready to try a nontraditional backyard crop.
If it sounds unfathomable to you, too, check out Sunset Magazine's One Block Diet experiment. They have a Team Beer that did the same thing (on a slightly larger scale) and inspired our pick of Lacey.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, and of course we'll keep you filled in on the progress!


Jessie said...

I got out there and rocked the vote. Best of luck!

modish said...

wow, hi-c really went all out with that beer, dang! It looks awesome! He makes beer, you make cheese... I really need to come over sometime :)