validation and one big knit jumper

There is always a struggle inside, to find the balance between art and living.

I sometimes feel guilty not writing more about art here, although this blog was intended to be about settling into married life.

Art is the hardest thing to write about: it's hard to write about what you pour your soul into and how much soul was poured into it. It's hard to share and wait for critique, or find enough balance to not need the positive feedback. It's hard to keep making things without needing the public validation.

It's hard to know the difference in sharing and bragging.

So sometimes there's no visible proof of art, and I feel like (with having this blog) I'm not a true artist if there is no sign of art making. But I'm making stuff--I'm making memories. I'm making plans. Right now other interests are holding hostage of the output of my hands.

Right now I'm cooking as a direct connection with my community and the earth. Finding the salt of the earth in the most literal of ways. Figuring out how my thread connects to others and the metaphorical technique of a well-knit community. And just how far and how much stretch there is in that community.

* * * *
Cell phones are apparently a hot topic! As are lunch boxes! It will be a strange experience to disconnect in that way, but I think it will be a good one. Reclaim those few seconds I spend looking for it daily. As for the lunch box, still no word from my mom.

This blog is beautiful, the words are poetic and moving. (via Aesthetic Outburst)


Unknown said...

i love your writings on life, art, thoughts. the necessity for validation in most aspects of life are something i struggle with as well. on the bright side the need for validation creates a higher need for community and conversation, and, i suppose, makes the criticisms easier to swallow

thank you for your words

Jan said...

having a hard time posting about work-related things, too. sometimes i don't feel like i can leave it at an image to speak - i must add blabbity, blabbity, blabbity...and then the image is no longer art to me..it becomes the words on the page. ew. too much toiling, not enough doing! i thought of you today as we harvested our first cherry tomatoes and sweet banana peppers.