join me in a daydream, won't you?

If I were a meat eater, I'd certainly be in the mood for a beach side fish fry, of course, while listening to a couple things I'm yearning to download: Bonnie Prince Billy, sun kil moon/Mark Kozelek. A few days ago I "reheard" an Emmylou Harris/Gram Parsons duet and remembered how much I need to break out the old stuff. It's the stuff lazy beachy days are made of. Add in Blood on the Tracks, a faded wide-brimmed hat and a basket of just-this-side-of-ripe peaches and I'd melt right into the neutral backdrop I've gathered below.

Domino Magazine's slideshow of Thom Filicia's beachy home (center image).
Ikea lounge chair and rocking chair (upper left, lower right).
Groundwork's beautiful Fungi Print.
Domestic-Construction tea cup light cluster, also via Poppytalk.
I'd much more prefer a delicate hourglass to glass bouys (too much like a fried seafood restaurant for my taste); these are by Roost and available through Rian Rae, though I've seen them at Anthropologie and several other places, too.
Floating house dock: via Poppytalk via Skona hem.
Sydney based FlowerPress tea towels ready for double duty as light infusing curtains (as hankies do in my kitchen).

* * *
Perhaps this is an older daydream than I've realized? Making decisions 10 seconds ago, via Behind the Stone Door, would keep me thinking well into an afternoon nap.

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