An especially big thank you to Summer, for letting me share my recipe cards with her Design Freebies readers. Might I suggest you print a bunch up then head straight over to Bread & Honey to jot down some new foods to try your hand at?

If that doesn't make your mouth water, head over to DigginFood. Willi participated in the Modish Punk Rock Garden Swap, and wrote me (back in May) about her blog. I should've mentioned it earlier, 'cause it's super fun and her writing style is definitely entertaining. Just as good as any introduction to a blogger I know I'll relate to, here's part of her email to me:
I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and my high school boyfriend brought tons of little punk and ska bands to play at our VFW post. I listen to a bigger range of music these days, but punk still holds a special place in my heart (and CD collection). The gardening scene in Seattle totally reminds me of my punk days...lots of young people doing what they want their own way.
These are the sorts of blogs that helps me daydream the monotony of the workday away. And I love them for it.

Also, I'm working on a bigcartel.com site for my mamma! She paints bright, fun imaginative images of beach scenes and natural worlds, all daydreamy and whimsical with a little bit of retro flare and a heaping spoonful of summertime color. Below is a screenshot of an early version of her shop. When it's ready to open you can be sure I'll write a little more and send you over there!

It doesn't seem to be an overstatement saying Chez du Sneak is on an art food garden binge these days. However, it would be unfair to say that's all that's going on. There's the messy studio, that given another week of clutter may become a code violation, the Mr. is now refinishing another room's floor upstairs (yes, we're doing it one room at a time, on hands and knees).
And one day, one day when something looks pretty, I'll get to share it with you. Right now, though, it's not so pretty.

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