we'll send it soaring. . .

drum roll please!

Miss Jess and I will be offering these 2 5 x 5" prints this weekend at ICE!
They're $25 for the set, archival and printed on heavy, beautifully velvety cotton paper.

The clincher? $5 from each sale goes to supporting wind power research (hence, the kites. . . see how clever we are?)

Now Mr. Unicorn would like to show you something:

(if you want to see the map a little bigger, just click on the image)

after the show, we'll be shoe gazing the night away to Damien Jurado and Jeremy Enigk, but only after I've downed a couple size-of-my-head glasses of sangria, at which point the only wind power will be the vast amounts of knowledge (or filth? actually, probably just a lot of politics) from the mouth of a tipsy girl feeling on top of the world!
um, have you noticed I don't get out much?


Anonymous said...

ahh! ever since we decided on the kite theme, i've had the mary poppins song stuck in my hear! "let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height, let's go fly a kite and send it soaring...."

we can be a couple of gals who don't get out much this weekend-- can't wait for those head-sized bowls of sangria....!

Jan said...

Very, very, very cool!

lisa solomon said...

love the kites... your works look so great together too.... congrats!

Anonymous said...

I am so far behind on my blog reading... how did I miss this? Doooood! The location for ICE this year is like this close -- THIS CLOSE -- to my loft. And I adore Jeremy Enigk and -- AND -- the Variety Playhouse is in my 'hood. Seriously.

I know a kickass place for Sangria but if you're going to Variety I must insist you go next door to Elmyrs. Best. margaritas. EVER. And good tofu tacos too.

Don't you like how I completely hijacked your thread -- and possibly your weekend? ;)