The AC came on Thursday night before the trip down to Atlanta. It was in the high 90s, and even at midnight I was still seating profusely enough to create "snow angels" on the bed sheets with the sweat dripping from my skin. yuck.

So I caved and turned the AC on, knowing if I didn't, my brain wouldn't function on Friday as I scurried around frantically getting ready for ICE in Atlanta.

I didn't spend much time looking around, instead spent the day following the shade and drinking water to keep from having a heat stroke (11 hours in 96+ weather builds character for sure), but I did get over to the Dulce Vegan booth (YUM), and check out Jess' friend Kurt's work. which. blew. my. mind.

The news was broken to the public sphere: Modishoppe will close at the end of this month. Although I have found a new shop to put my work in, I'm sad to see the shop close, since it gave me great incentive to bug the crap out of shopkeep Jena all the time (hmmm, I hope it's not my fault she's closing!) Be sure to check in and pick up some goodies from the best of the best the internet has to offer, including some of my favorite W&tS pieces available now! (Some of my favorites in Modishoppe include works by: Foundling, Stephanie DosReis, Jenna Rose and MoodSwing Studios.)

And a special thank you to: Creature Comforts, decor8, Design for Mankind and Poppytalk for mentioning Jess' and my collaboration! We're very excited about it, and I loved getting to show it off at ICE this past weekend. The prints are now available in both mine and Jess' etsy shops so check em out!


Jan said...

Love Swear Jar Design - did a post on them on Scoutie Girl last year. Still on my faves!!

Hope your show was great despite the sweltering temps!

Tess said...

I love swear jar designs, I bought a pair of his earrings at renegade last year.

i still feel bad for disappearing on you guys, I seriously nearly died from the heat :( I had to go to the doc today, yay heat exhaustion :(

modish said...

thanks for the shout out missy! :)