A sickly shade of green

Earth First's Hottest Girls in Green: not a direct link to the article but to the site itself, ironically self-described as,
"We are passionate about the environment and dedicated to cutting through the eco-fluff to get to the heart of the new green movement. We think there are a lot of greenwashers and opportunists out there who could care less about actively doing some good in the world, and we’re going to be all over them out here on our blog and in our soon-to-be-released video shows. We think green should be fun and cool, and are in love with the power of sarcasm and snark. Greenwashers and jerkasses of the world: beware. We’re watching."
Somehow they forgot how green it is to examine individuals based on intent and action, verses the literal image of a person. I don't think I've read this site before, but they've certainly dismissed themselves from my list of interesting sites by creating a hierarchy of beauty, an emphasis on celebrity, and a pageantry of green. I actually found out about it through one of the ranking women's blogs. Yes, she's a gorgeous woman, but she's intelligent, well-spoken and happens to be eco-minded, so while I'm super glad she made the list, I'm quite nauseated about there being a list.

What do you think? Am I just too sensitive to these things?


Jessie said...

I'm with you on this. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Unknown said...

EW. This is just SAD.

Anonymous said...

All respect, but you people are the reason mainstream society thinks greenies are uptight dourpusses.

Did you actually read the list? There are a few active starlets, but most of the list are women kicking ass all over the green movement.

And just to be fair, we're running the Hottest Guys in Green this week, again filled with tons of actual green warriors.


We like to bring a spin of fun into everything we do at EarthFirst.com If that offends your delicate sensibilities, we'll miss having you as a reader.


Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Actually Shea, I did see the green guys list today since I've been thinking about your list and wanted to go back and reassess my interpretation of it.
While I consider myself a hugely "green" person, though with plenty of room to grow, as we all do, I don't consider "greenies" to be "uptight dourpusses", because I think that would lump me as such.
So, with all respect, the comment "All respect, but you people are the reason mainstream society thinks greenies are uptight dourpusses." doesn't appear to convey any intentional tone of respect in your response. As far as reading comprehension, I read the list, but wonder if you read my comments? Simply saying you'll miss having me as a reader indicates you didn't actually read the post.

I thought a great deal before I posted my assertion of the list, and have thought some since then, and can only conclude we have a different definition of "celebrity" as well as a different understanding of green.

Tess said...

As someone who lives in dumbfuckistan, I don't know if my opinion matters but here it is. I'm of the "you'll attract more bees with honey than vinegar" camp, and have found that when I speak kindly about my beliefs I get a very positive reaction and have never been called an uptight dourpuss. I actually think my neighbors would prefer that I was a bit more uptight. I feel I have a unique opportunity to share a positive message with people who have either never heard of a green lifestyle, or have had someone jump down their throats and now feel wary of it.

I used to live in "america" instead of "dumbfuckistan" and for as backwards as my tiny, extremely rural town can be, there is much less waste, much less in your face consumerism and much less development than when I lived on the San Diego coast. Sure I could get an amazing vegan meal 24 hours a day, but I also had to see the beautiful coast covered in trash, more Hummers than should really exist, and more condos than the eye can see. I think people were certainly more aware of environmental issues, but it didn't seem to be helping and people didn't seem to care! Someone had already jumped down their throats and they didn't want to hear it!

I can be pretty outspoken, and snarky, and in your face...but I know when to do that and to whom. If it's a classmate at school (I have many who have never left the state let alone the county) a discussion about why I chose to shop at thrift stores versus target goes over much better than a tirade about child labor. I know they are empathetic to how things were made, and how they got there, but when you are struggling to get by in poverty stricken area the bottom line is what sings. And if you can be frugal, and still stylish, then wham bam thank you ma'am you have a devotee.

I think that's the trick for making actual discernible differences. Most of the population of "dumbfuckistan", and yes "america" to is too tight on cash, too busy to care and think that greenies are wacky. If you can present issues in a way that saves money, makes life easier, and start them off small (like, composting versus building their own greenhouse) I believe there will be more converts. And not just the "I buy organic soap at wal-mart" converts to the green movement.