How not to spend money. . .

I'm growing more and more convinced that the best way to be ecological is to resist spending. Not that I'm against consumerism completely, but that spending should be reserved for well-thought out purchasing.

As a result, I'm tightening the money belt. As much as I have a rather short list of purses I'd like to buy on etsy, instead I made one with some kelly green linen from a vintage jacket. I'd tried to wash the jacket on cold, but it split down one seam and ended up in the project heap.
With that new item, I'm still following a rule Mr Hi-C and I came up with: 1 new item in, 2 out.
In goes the green bag, out go 2 I'd put away for future use.

It's not only a great way to clean house, it will definitely prevent future purchases. Especially as the items I already own become more and more valuable in terms of use and aesthetics. This will be my anti-impulse method.


lisa solomon said...

i should follow your lead!

Anonymous said...

This is an inspiration Renee!! I need to start doing something like this, our house is a giant pile of...stuff (and animal hair). We are planning on living in the vw for 6 mo's after John is out of the military, and the less we have to pack/store/move the better!

I did something positive yesterday, someone asked me to trade and I said no. Not because their stuff wasn't nice, but because I didn't need it. I'm being so uncharacteristic. I should go clean. And be on time for an appointment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the comment! I've been meaning to leave you some as well since I've been checking here often now, inspired by your ideas and
thoughts. It really does make sense to use what you have and practice more creative thinking by doing so. And we artists are already good at that :)