Here's a big who knows what!

Since I like to draw and interact and all that, and I need to draw more, if you send me something to draw on, as well as $10, I will draw on it and send it back to you. Think of it as a commission where you supply the "canvas" {canvas being your own object of choice and texture} and oreos, if you'd like to add those to the package. I really like oreos.
Please make sure it can fit in a 9 x 12 envelope, cause that's what I'll be sending it back to you in.
want more info?
email me: nobiting {at} gmail {dot} com


Anonymous said...

you are so smart! and creative! what a killer idea. :)

Rosa Murillo said...

I'm thinking of sending only the oreos! what a great idea you had! and what a bargain!!

Jessie said...

How fun! Regular or Double Stuffed?