deer. Jesus.

I also, more impulsively, bought one of Allyson Mellberg Taylor's Crystal Deer after seeing it on Flickr. I think it will end up under a cloche in the dining room, but who knows. . . maybe it will travel around. No firm plans for it, yet, but I'd seen a sneak peak of them maybe a month ago, and they haunted me enough to know it was more than fleeting infatuation.

Yesterday I finally finished making the hummus I'd started on Saturday. {When the beer calls, one must listen. The hummus knows this and must wait it's turn.} Leave it to my crazy gal pals on flickr to see Jesus's face in the mush. (click on the link then scroll over the image to have the face spelled out for you)

It was a nice afternoon snack for me and my schmoopie, right before we rode our bikes over to The Big Red Concentric Circles store to get another helmet and, impulsively, wider, springy, padded seats for our sensitive derrieres. It was a great ride, about 3 miles, and the 4th or 5th time I've been on a bike in the last 6 years. However, I'm determined to make exercise a part of my daily living.

As a suburbanite, I've become lax in my movement--I've mastered the sedentary lifestyle, and it's showing now more than ever. Suburbia is designed for commuting, pedestrian traffic is a quaint, old-fashioned notion, a marketing tool for small-town growth, but it's very limited, and certainly not designed for true transportation. We don't want to connect differing income levels with a sidewalk, do we? So a bike trip to the store a mile and a half away is very intimidating for a trepid bicycler such as myself. In all honesty, it's a scary trip to walk {literally} across the street to the post office--no sidewalks through their parking lot either, the entrance apron hidden behind thick trees. But if you're window shopping--ooo la la! 6 foot wide sidewalks, width on a luxurious level!

This is beautiful, like a wistful overcast morning on the back porch.
This is perfect for the outdoor pot lucks for limoncello or a big ol' batch of some sort of minty cocktail (anyone have any other mint suggestions??).

Last but not least, the Chicken Scratch Pads are restocked at Indie Fixx.

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Jessie said...

A friend of mine and I started "mojito mondays" a couple of summers ago, and our little afternoon cocktail parties have now grown to about five of us lounging around on hot summer days, drinking icy cold minty mojitos. The recipe is simple and includes only fresh mint, sugar cane syrup, white rum, soda water, and some limes. If you've never had a mojito, I suggest you try one immediately.