Ahhh, lovely long weekends that never last long enough. Taunting me with mindless TV, bicycle rides, eating picnics and gardening on a whim, then throwing me back into the work world with sore muscles while interrupting the newly felt, luxurious sleep pattern of three days of sleeping in.

Yesterday a quick trip to World Market to buy tahini turned into a $40 spending spree, which, admittedly isn't too bad considering I didn't even look at the wines they had. I left with a 6-pack of beer, wind chimes, tahini, chile paste, and a 3-tiered tiffin tin to leave in the car for eating out or getting take out. The styrofoam take out containers must cease and desist.

Now, as Hi-C put it, we need to work it into our habits.

This little shopping spree was started in a circuitous manner--soaking dried chick peas to make hummus, baking crackers from Gayla's recipe for the hummus-to-be, realizing we were out of tahini (after a trip to the grocery store earlier in the day) so another trip back to the store.

I'm growing increasingly disappointed in the grocery stores--paying a lot of money for crap quality food, that pays farmers and farm hands poorly while padding the wallets of the corporate grocery chains. Not to mention all the weird additives (and subtractives?), and preservatives.

In order to avoid the general annoyance of said grocery stores, I opted for another corporate giant-- World Market, where me and my main man spent nearly an hour playing with everything, and leaving with way more than the original intention.

We forked over the cash and left, ready for a simple meal, when Hi-C's phone rang; one of his long time buddies asking if we wanted to carpool to a party. They explained they were leaving for it in 15 minutes.

A party, you wonder? Was that why you were making fancy crackers and hummus from scratch, to take to a party later in the afternoon? Why'd you wait so long to get the tahini if the party started at 5??

Ha ha ha, you silly goon. Of course not! I'd not heard the slightest whisper of party plans up until that moment. So then, after all the planning, cooking, prepping, sweating, and general disarray of a day with nothing in particular to do, we went straight to the party and spent time chatting and meeting new people. Catching up with others, grilling out and rolling down grassy hills (not me, I wasn't about to spill my beer).

And it was perfect.

Now, I'm ready for another 3 day weekend.

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