barely opening my eyes

I'm oozing mucous down the back of my throat--the allergies are getting me down, I guess. My eyes are barely open and after a short but all too lengthy battle with caffeine, I lost. This morning I'm on my second cup and it's not doing a damn thing.

Since I have my night reading (I think I've had 50 more pages to read for the last 2 weeks, what's up with that?), I've been listening to The Omnivore's Dilemma, and despite sounding like a heretic, I'm 1/6 of the way into it (section 25 out of 150 or something like that) and I'm really getting annoyed with all the corn talk. Pollan's writing is something of a bible for the food trends catching on, so I don't want to skip anything, but at the same time, enough of the corn already. Perhaps it's listening rather than reading, hearing another voice read is a lot like listening to a preacher--it just doesn't sit well with me. Rather, it makes me sleepy. Nappy time in the car is not good.

I spent the greater part of Saturday morning sitting in itchy grass, staining my legs and hands, picking dandelions. I'm sure I evoked suspicion of my sanity from neighbors, since the back yard abuts a fairly buys street, but it was good to get outside and do something. And it was especially good to do something that made me feel so much like a 5 year old playing house. This was all for the sake of a couple handfuls of dandelion buds, to become something of an experiment in foraging: dandelion bud capers. The process is a combination of this recipe and several recipes for nasturtium capers.

There was also a pie from scratch, simply to clear out the cabinets for the upcoming canning season. Not too long ago I finished a table out of a candle holder from West Elm and a wooden cutting board from Crate and Barrel (both on clearance, total price less than $50), took a shoe cubby shelf that was just causing clutter in the studio, added some legs and made more storage for the kitchen, and used up the. last. jar. of tomatoes from last year. Not good considering I still haven't seen the beginning of a blossom on the tomatoes yet. What will I do??? Grocery store tomatoes?? No way.

New distractions: picnik
Cooking, cooking, cooking.
Anything yellow or green, or both together is even better.

Things that I want: To do when I grow up: Run a health food store that incorporates the revitalizing spirit of art and music (but not in that new agey way) , as well as locally sourced goods.
To build for myself: a greenhouse of modest measures.
Somethings of reasonable fortitude: Losing weight, remembering to take my vitamins, and absorbing some natural vitamin D while I absorb the beautiful world around me. That is, if I can ever get my eyes open


Anonymous said...

I've got news ... the corn talk doesn't stop there. it just goes on, and on and on ..... :)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

crap. so do i abandon, fast forward, or keep trudging along. all this talk of corn is very. very. depressing.