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Yesterday I did a little more planting. This whole organized approach is very difficult for me, making the process much more restrained than ever.
The things that went down:
Somewhat ghostly, anemic appearing Basinga Tomatoes,
Scorching Red Habanero,
Hill Country Red Okra (a less slimy alternative to the usual Clemson Spineless I plant--though some of those will be planted, too), Bronze self-fertile Carlos Muscadine vine: wine anyone? When someone says "North Carolina Wine" the past generalization has been a very sweet wine akin to getting drunkified via grape jelly (think Manishevitz flavor). Muscadine grapes predominate the source of the NC Sweet wine factor.

Another (little) project I'm working on is to offset the travel impact of going to shows.

I'm excited to announce that Hi-C and I will be hosting a rain barrel workshop at ICE Atlanta! Although we're still in the initial planning stages, we might even be raffling off the rain barrels we make. If you make your own rain barrel, the costs are minimal as is the time invested.
Make one there and take it home to use throughout the summer gardening season!

I'm working on other means to share my experiences in frugality. What are some of yours?

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