Post Earth Day Hangover (the residual green)

For those in the Charlotte area, the Wing Haven plant sale is this week. As far as I can remember, you won't find any invasives in their offerings, but will find a grand assortment of natives and appropriate xeriscape selections. Even if you don't make it to see their exquisite offerings, check out the handy dandy calendar. It's got all sorts of tips for easy-on-the-earth gardening, as well as things to do to keep the birds happy.

Plant your roots firmly and nourish them. And read Gayla's philosophy on life, liberty and the pursuit of produce. Gather her seeds and spread them as you go out into the world.

Another way to spread the word, because community is also revolutionary and inseparable with being green, is Sherri Wood's Mantra Trailer. Her work has captivated me since I first saw it nearly 10 years ago, and her interest in simply living towards change is beyond inspirational.

As torn as I am to say it (as a producer/artist): Being green is not an act of consumerism.

50 Ways to save the planet-baby steps to a better world (via Curious Bird via Wire & Twine)

Did you order something once and then receive an avalanche of catalogs from the company in the many months that followed? Use Catalog Choice to get off a variety of mailing lists all at one time. Consider it a direct route to less waste.

For a more generalized (preventative?) waste-less option also visit and register with the Direct Marketing Association's Opt Out website

Opt Out Prescreen allows you to opt out of receiving "Pre-Approved!" credit card offers--this is something our mortgage banker told us to do when we started looking at houses. Oops, Elaine! We forgot! But. . .I'm doing it right now.

And while we're at it, the Do Not Call Registry is pretty good for peace of mind, too.

All tomato pictures from Tomato Growers Supply site;
Peppers, eggplant, soybeans: Top row left: Midori Giant Edamame image from Wannamaker Seeds, Mohawk Bell Pepper image from Park Seed site, The remaining images are from Tomato Growers Supply Co

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