love, life, and the pursuit of taxes

The sign up for the punk rock modish gardening swap is up and live! Go sign up, 'cause I'm beginning to think 90% of the gardeners out there these days are NC gals.
(Which is also pretty cool, but you know, it'd be nice to see some other states representin'!)

I spent Friday night and Saturday being super lazy (sort of), just kind of haphazardly making stuff that involved lots of decoupage, but Sunday was the "Do your taxes or else!" day, so I (we) opted for the "or else".

The mister mowed the grass, blew the leaves, and thatched the grass a bit. I cut back the weeds already threatening to take over the fig bushes, made a little hideaway for the trashcan/recycling/compost with a metal trellis.

I finished up a couple Urban Explorer kits for upcoming Spring Craft Shows (unfortunately one of those will not be Renegade Brooklyn). These kits have: a 20 page blank book with a pocket in the front and back, 2 pouches for misc. collections, magnifying glass, tags for identification purposes, 2 pencils, a globe pencil sharpener, and some specimens to inspire your exploration! I, of course, recommend drawing your findings, but you can do whatever you want with them. The whole thing comes in a handy dandy vintage map covered box with a handle and tie closures.

During the leaf blowing, Hi-C found a trapdoor spider home. Although I'm not big on spiders, they are pretty cool, if you ask me.

Smarty pants Taylor's Punk Gardening Manifesto.

Good local food source link: FoodRoutes.org.

Little factoid from them fine fellers:
Farmers in 2002 earned their lowest real net cash income since 1940. Meanwhile corporate agribusiness profits have nearly doubled since 1990. –USDA, 2002


harold hollingsworth said...

nice pictures and details, perfect for a monday start to the week!

modish said...

holy moly, that little trap door is giving me the heebie jeebies over here! yikes!