We are still in "extreme drought" conditions here in the piedmont of ol' NC. I follow the strictly unscientific approach to ornamentals that goes a little something like: plop it in the dirt and see if it lives. I leave pitchers around the gardens and will let them fill with rain water to water the plants once the soil dries out, but that's the extent of it. The vegetables, however, I'm much more invested in. I want fresh food. Using the spigot this year is less than likely, which means we'll be getting even more creative with watering the veggies this year. More pitchers placed around, for sure. Gayla's pop bottle irrigation technique is on.

We will also be siphoning bath water (which might also be the perfect use for a cheap hose I bought several years ago that kinks me crazy).

In an attempt to find additional rain barrels for the yard, I followed a string of links relevant to my own garden and the natural world local to me.

Habitat and Wildlife Keepers: a group of nature lovers like myself, and who knew they meet once a month in a building essentially across the street from me!?!

NC Native Plant Society: They go out and rescue plants from construction and development-talk about walking the walk!

Smell Like Dirt: A local blog all about sustainability in the garden.

Which led me to certify our yard as a Wildlife Habitat.

Drumroll, please!

Our official Wildlife Habitat number is 100059.

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CBJ said...

Congratulations on your Habitat Certification! I hope you will join us at the next HAWK meeting. We're talking Solar Energy at the May mtg, our last meeting before summer break. And since you are so close to the Comm Center, pls join us on April 26 for the Earth Day Festival! I'll be manning the HAWK booth but will be Smelling Like Dirt as well (thanks for the link up)