You say potato, I say start diggin

I'm sorry for the image, re-use, but I didn't get any pics taken yesterday. I am quitting the morning coffee ritual (it's hanging on for dear life, asking for second chances) and I'm feeling "special" in the slow sort of way.

Napping sitting up at my desk seems like the best idea ever.
Well, second best. Best best would be going home and putting a blanket down in the front yard and napping the day away, wrapped up in the warmth of the sun. They say it'll get up to 76 today. I say bring it on.

Anyway, the whole point of this rambling post is potatoes. That delicious, starchy, apple of the earth. I planted 9 of the little buggers yesterday. Covered them lightly with dirt, and plan on covering them with hay, rather than the pile on the dirt method.

So that's it, that's the decaf version of a W&tS post. Not so good, huh? Maybe time to quit the quittin.

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Angeline said...

Hang in there with the caffeine thing. I've quit a few times too! For me it's been hard to find a balance because I'm sensitive to the stuff. Right now 1 cup of green tea a day is perfect. It only took about 10 years to figure out.