frittata my life away. . .

Here it is, folks, the miracle food for cleaning out the fridge: Frittata. I'd never made frittata before, but saw a recipe and it sounded like an easy new dish, so a little googling later and voila! A use for the swiss chard sitting in the fridge, waiting for its glory day. I based the whole experiment around this recipe, although instead of onions, I used the leftover veggies from my vegetarian fajitas then added some vegetarian bacon bits because they're about to go bad. . .and you know what they say: Use it or lose it!

So there you have it, Miracle Frittatas. Besides integrating creative thinking into daily life, what are some of the other reasons for making a glorified leftovers omelet?
  1. It's frugal. . .and frugal is good for freelancing artists. Really really good.
  2. Such is the volume that according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), if just 5 percent of Americans' food scraps were recovered it would represent one day's worth of food for 4 million people. (quote from cnn.com)
  3. Methane, the gas food waste produces, traps 23 times as much heat in the atmosphere as the same amount of CO2, the EPA says. And landfills are the place you will find most of it -- they account for 34 percent of all methane emissions in the U.S. (quote from cnn.com)
We compost and when the compost has enough "greens" I simply toss the scraps around the base of plants that might need an extra boost. I keep that tactic as a last resort. . .don't want to attract little rodenty furries to the yard that might alarm the city, but at the same time, it's nice to contribute a little to the greater good just by eating what I've paid for!

(the second image has nothing to do with this post, just thought I'd throw some spring colors in to mix things up a bit. you know, get crazy with the cheese whiz.)

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