get smart

Yesterday Charlie worked most of the day and I worked on my own stuff here at home.

I'll post another house post (tomorrow?) but to sum it up, there are a lot of checks and balances in place to make sure you don't get stuck in a hairy situation with too much house and not enough $. We bailed on the process before we got to that point.
And considering the large amount of love we both had for that particular house, we've decided to put the whole process on hold for a good while.
You know, recoup from the bad break up, mend our collectively hopeful hearts.

But after a couple days of nagging depression, yesterday was a little better. Part of the house-hunting process was deciding together what we could afford. AFFORD included horrible thoughts like what we could pay in one month if one of us was in the hospital, or if my (very much loved, very old) Volvo wagon needed work.
(The very-loved 345000 mile Volvo seems to be heading for it's own long stay in the car hospital.)
So Hi-C came home from a long day at work and said "Let's go look at the cars in the smart showroom."
Where I replied, "We're not getting a new car today," asking him if he was looking for a dopamine fix after the great house disappointment.
"Okay, no new car. I just want to look," he conceded.

smart fortwo
cars are currently back ordered until 2009. Although, you might catch the random stray someone backed out of.
Like the one we saw yesterday.

Like the one we bought yesterday.
Say hello to dopamine.
Say hello to my new, fuel efficient love.

Well, say hello tomorrow--that's when we go to pick it up.
just call me smartypants.


Anonymous said...

FOR REAL????? you bought a smart car? oh my gosh, you are my hero. i saw one driving around yesterday and thought how much it could change our country if they were as popular here in the states as they are in europe. you rock! and congrats-- what an incredible purchase. :)

Homegrown {& the Bug} said...

Oh sweet mother of God, what are those and could they be more awesome?! How have I never seen these (could it be I live in the boonies, where dooley diesel trucks rule?)? Good for you man!

lisa solomon said...

small cars!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! That's so awesome!! Could I use any more exclamation points!??!

I have a Cooper Mini named Stella. She's not as fuel efficient as yours but she was one of the best options way back when I bought her.

I'm seriously considering an Aptera for my next car. Right now you can only reserve one if you live in Cali, but it will be a few years before I can part with Stella anyway. I love her so. <3

Can't wait to see more pictures of you and your smartypants car!

Matt Mewis said...

No freakin way. My husband is going to be so jealous. I have to think of how to show him this....the right way.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

thanks Jess-it's definitely an adjustment from the ol' wagon.

homegrown-I live in the boonie-burbs (where we're all rednecks disguised as yuppies)and the number of rebel-flag-touting monster truck hemi-dualies far outnumber the compact car population.

lisa--thanks!! yay for small and smart!

krystyn--good for you and your mini! she's pretty close in terms of fuel efficiency, though, right? not like driving a Hummer H1!

k8-are you afraid you'll end up getting one, or just afraid he might try to jump into the screen to take a test drive.