(Above is the newest print, soon to be available.)

Yesterday afternoon we went with some friends to a Charlotte Roller Girls derby! I want to be a roller girl so bad, but I'd definitely have to give something up in order to do it. Perhaps all the time I spend on the internet??!?

Today I went over to Ez's blog, Creature Comforts, and noticed I'd won one of her gorgeous photos (below, far right). You can purchase one for $8.50 from her etsy shop. While you're at it, clear out all her vintage stuff, too, would ya? Every time I peek in to see what she's got, I see a whole bunch of stuff I want but don't need. So you'd be doing me a HUGE favor if you went on a little shopping spree. Cool? Thanks.

The ever-lovely Jena, of Modish, featured my print "Where you rest your head" (image above, far left) on her first post this week as a guest blogger for DesignSponge! She also posted about these adorably tempting (and cheap! $18) hedgehog paintings.


heather smith jones said...

that's a great new print of yours up there Renee!
I hope your week is off to a great beginning...

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

thanks, Heather!