but really, enough about that. I've been a dirty girl.

You know what they say, "All work and no play makes. . ." Renee a very grumpy girl. Very. Grumpy.

So yesterday, between working on a grant proposal, painting, drawing, packing boxes (well, one box, but that's a start), minor, but not fun, yard work and other little daily moments of boring necessity, I took a moment for myself.

1) I set up my grow op.
2) Started luffa, mesclun, basil (2 varieties), spinach, brown mustard, yellow mustard, and midori giant edamame seeds.
3) Went outside and did a celebratory spring-is-near daffodil picking.
4) Sat around for just a little while and drew and drew said daffodils.

Then I felt a little better and got back to work.

My grow op consists of: 20 x 20 seedling mat (which isn't quite big enough, but was the biggest available at the hardware store near me), 2 clip on shop lamps with CFL bulbs, a Christmas Tree timer (high tech!), a variety of clear storage bins (from moments of lofty organizational daydreaming), and a mylar emergency sleeping bag.

I already had everything except the grow mat, which was a steep $50, and just set it up in a closet where little kitties won't try to play with the seedlings (or worse, use the bins for a litter box. . .you never know!).

At the end of the day, the tomatoes, planted several days before but keeping any activity secretly sub-soil, were raising their sleepy little seedling heads, saying hello to the world. At that moment of discovery, Winter was definitely out of the picture.


Anonymous said...

:) I love the thrill of starting new things. Finally, with the time change, I can spend time after work in the yard. It is a bit wild and untamed at the moment.

Unknown said...

i (heart) your daffodil's!

Michael Villegas said...

Fantastic line work. Nice piece...

Ki said...

Wonderful loose drawings of daffodils.

janie said...

lovely drawings.

Crystal said...

Yes, I second ki: I like the looseness of the drawings.
Your daffodils look much friendlier than mine

Richard Cardona said...

nicely drawn studies. great work.