Steps One through Three: The process of relocation

Last night I was reading Living the Good Life: How One Family Changed Their World from Their Own Backyard, eating chocolate yogurt (fat free plain organic yogurt, 1 T powdered plain cocoa, 1 T honey), and dreaming of what I'll now call "The home where I can breathe."

We've been out looking at houses. We've taken little tours with a Realtor. We've been preapproved, and so far have learned a lot. A LOT.

Your credit report isn't so scary. Know it before you apply for a mortgage because you're going to have to face it sooner or later. At least if you've read a recent copy, you won't be surprised when you go over it with your lender. And if you have questions about it, you'll have them all prepared. Chances are, your lender can answer those questions.

We've also learned not to be swayed by fancy commercials, like those of Sure-Approval sources. Like how Lending Tree sends your social security number all over the place to get you pre-approved. So, if you're in the market for a mortgage, and you're desperate to get approved, figure out the source of your desperation (perhaps it's the over-the-top new shoe budget?), fix that problem, then feel self assured about looking into a mortgage. We've been relating this whole process to a relationship, so think of Lending Tree as the drunken frat boy, post keg stand. He might be a good kisser, but in due time, he might also give you a more permanent reminder of your rendezvous.

Of course, this info is not first hand, but lessons learned after talking to bank lenders.

Then we were off to find a Realtor. As with dating, we took this approach as a series of first dates, keeping one eye on the person we're checking out, and one eye on the "other fish in the sea". This was the result of Realtor horror stories, and a deeply rooted fear of being swept up in a "salesperson" personality.

Several rules included: Finding resources online, which usually involved signing up for their call list/email list. For those, I filled in a fake phone number and either for the address or comments section used "Do not contact. We're really early in looking and your effort would be as waste of time." I do, after all, believe in total honesty and no games while dating. Those realtors that ignored my request were automatically disqualified. You do, after all, want a partner who will listen.

Then there were a couple first dates followed by careful consideration of chemistry. We picked a good one and started really looking.

Next up, when opportunities arise.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that you all are house hunting!

I totally agree about needing to have good chemistry with your Realtor. We loved ours, and the whole experience was so great and so easy because she took good care of us.