the truth stretches in all directions

It's time to look inward, just before gardening season begins. i'll spare you the metaphors.

To the left you'll see some of my recent flickr favorites. Words that spring to mind are

mountainous, faceted, light (as in rays rather than weight), and discovery.

digging into and through, discovering hidden aspects.

that's what I'm trying to do right now. discover my own hidden aspects.

have you ever tried Kundalini Yoga?

I'm a yoga novice, at best. I've practiced Hatha and Ashtanga before, but tried Kundalini yesterday for the first time. I felt it was time to focus more completely on my chakras. Perhaps this is blasphemous in terms of yoga, I'm not sure how it all works out. . . but this is my personal diagnosis, so I feel like I need to follow it and discover.

but this Kundalini stuff is tough. even the beginner lesson was really tough, both physically and emotionally. but it's a challenge I'm ready for, because the challenges are actually the things we need to dissect, right?

(strange last minute aside: i'm also taking this as a metaphor for all aspects of my life, including but not limited to, art. )


Anonymous said...

kundalini yoga... yeeesssss...... my yoga teacher in boulder was a kundalini master, and we'd have a kundalini class once a week for a while. it is seriously tough, you're right. there were times i almost couldn't walk the day after a class i was so sore. one day i left feeling more pissed off than i'd felt for a long time-- the yoga had stirred something up in me. you're inspiring me to go back to this challenging and confronting practice-- i think it can reveal a lot about the ways in which we do things and see the world and ourselves.

kate said...

This is a good time to be looking inward. Once spring and gardening season begins, it is hard to do the inward, quiet kind of looking.

I've never tried Kundalini yoga - I hope it helps with your self-discovery.

Anonymous said...

Yes from me too. And yes, sore. But the good sore.

It's interesting how we may react to a yoga "session". I have experienced it stirring up emotions. Sometimes good, sometimes unexpected. I wonder if it's hormones or adrenaline that is released and causes this. Or the true openness that occurs.

I am really enjoying your documentation and sharing of the recent "soul searching" you've been doing (lack or being able to think of a better reference). It's encouraging me to do the same, especially with all of the changes in my life recently.

Continue stretching it out and encouraging us all to do the same.