I was going to save this image for a post on Questions and Marks, but seems most appropriate here, today, right now. This is a drawing I did on a reclaimed envelope from work. It's filling the sketchbook gap I seem to have created. . . the inability to focus well enough to keep a book and instead the accumulation of scraps of paper, tiny drawings, post it notes, scribbles in the car driving when ideas come to me. All in this one magical-self-contained unit.

So there are 2 properties I find relevant in this envelope: distraction and magical-self-contained-unit. All in one, 9 x 12 rescued, glued together envelope.

Which is exactly how I feel today. A blubbery mess, all kept together because of the intent from some sort of "previous life." This previous life thing doesn't mean actual reincarnation, just past experiences. They all come together, may not be neat or pretty, but held together because that's what they do. They don't know anything else.

One big fat overstuffed envelope. Awesome.

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