A few things I could look at all day:

Creature Comforts

Suzanis (I'm resisting buying one until I can afford one from a Fair Trade certified shop. Apparently you can get them for so cheap on ebay because of the swiftly working fingers of small children.)

Tan, white and Aqua (any variety of aqua, from super pretty pale to deeper, nearly french blue) (Rings by Hester Zagt both via Bloesem)

Icy, wintry dreams

A few things I'm so tired of:

Birds on branches (oh birds, I do love you, your gracefulness, but as a design trend, well, you're all lacking the originality that is so inspiring in real life; ditto deer and owls)

Doe eyed, dreamy, melancholy girls

Grumpy people in line (or is it even worse that I added them to a list? Is that the supreme grumpiness?)

Keeping myself so busy I forget to take delight in the little things. . . which means I'll sign off for today and take the few moments I save to savor the details!

A few things I'm dreaming of:

Getting a tattoo (and deciding where it will be)

Reading a good book (any suggestions)

Doing yoga

Drawing, drawing, drawing


Anonymous said...

Are you looking for a long book? Outlander is good and you have four long books to follow too!

Ez said...

Oh goodness... Thank you so much! You've certainly made my whole week!

Have a fabulous holiday filled with all things merry and bright!


Unknown said...

Have you read Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert? Sooooooooooo good.............!