New thoughts floating around Wolfie and the Sneakville:

Greening our home: The easiest things first, and the purchase felt nearly luxurious, I ordered Farmhouse Laundry Soap (powder form) from ARE Naturals. I can't use most scented detergents, the fragrance gives me headaches and for whatever reason, a lot of them irritate my skin.
I really like the thought of making my own and sharing the extras with friends and family (I hear the recipe makes a TON), but right now I have to focus on the things already on my plate, so that will wait.

Taking a "one less" vow: one less flush of the toilet, one less light/radio/tv left on, one less piece of trash (no thank you, plastic bag, I brought my own). . . you get the general idea.

Fair Trade, Local, or Organic*. All buzzwords, all movements, all being integrated into our lives. Handmade, thoughtful, kindness, all being integrated into our lives, too. (As organic is being "incorporated" I use the term loosely to describe chemical free items, including produce bought straight from the small farm on my way to work. . . which can start a whole different discussion that I'll save for another day.)

We've been discussing new car options (well in advance, hoping my 22 year old Volvo will last a while longer) including a hybrid Prius or a SmartForTwo.

And, well, I'm sure you've noticed the philosophical (and well documented on this here blog) battles I've been having about making art as a business. There is some internal reorganization going on, which will be introduced in the new year! I'm excited to unveil the new plan, but until January it will be mostly a secret!

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Anonymous said...

you do NOT have a 22 year old volvo. Were we spawned from the same egg?? My first 2 cars were volvos: the first, 1977. The second: 1983, named Julio. They were my most favorite cards in the world. I only got rid of the second one because I needed something bigger to lug art around in, and it was a sad day to see it drive away from me with its new owner.

Aaagh! So bizarre.