We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming. ..

A little bit about the new stuff in shop land, I hope you don't mind!

Only 13 Calendars left! Wow! I wonder if I'll sell out before December?
Well, technically I can't because I put 10 aside to sell in Boston, but I wonder how quickly the last 13 will go! I'm amazed!

I've added some gift wrap to the shop, though I did it just to do it. I like pretty packages, but think you can get the same, exciting-looking gift wrap by using magazine pages. Hm, sounds like I'm undermining myself, but just putting the ideas out there into cyberspace!
And a new painting (plus limited edition print!)
I know it's bad to say, but I love this one, especially with it all framed and matted.

Visit the shop, if you get a hankerin'!

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