Hooray! After little, much needed pep talks from friends, I'm finding my strength in dealing with plagiarism. Not in the legal sort of stop-stealing from me way, just hoping that people who grab my ideas and duplicate them will come to terms with their own inadequacies.

In the meantime, I'm all geared up for the holidays now! I'm not a particularly religious person, but one of my favorite things in life (as I said in the previous post) is giving things to people. Spreading a little joy and giving a tangible object to say thanks for being there for me this past year. . . well, that's the best!

Friday night, Hi-C and I got out the tree and decorated the living room (that's pretty much the only place that gets decorated), drank rum and eggnog (though not homemade), and listened to Steve Martin and Bill Cosby on the record player (our own personal family tradition). There's nothing like Steve Martin talking about drugs that gets you into the spirit of the holidays!

That said, I'll be back this week with more "If you likes" and eco-conscious holiday ideas!

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