remember those perfume commercials. . .

the ones where they say, "If you like _____, then you'll love. . ."
in support of buying handmade, i thought it might be fun to do some of these throughout the holiday season.
let's play, shall we?

If you like Anthropologie, then you'll love
Indie (sew bliss sew)
left: a view of bliss' table at the handmade market; right image is from the Anthro website.

If you like Room Service Home's Holiday beauties (below left), how about Maggie Kerns' cute creations over on Makool Loves you? (below, right)

If you love Jonathan Adler (image below, right) then you'll adore George Ryan (below, left)!

And on a totally different note,
Perhaps we have the second month of the etsy boys calendar???


Unknown said...

yep. H-O-T. Hot. You should do this etsy calendar. It would be a hit I'm sure.

Love the independent vs. commercial idea, too-- can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Unknown said...

Thanks for putting up a picture of my deer!