Isn't it wonderful how dreams can change so seamlessly. Usually it's in hindsight we remember what we were and what we've become.

When I was a little kid I played with my Barbies and played house, made mud pie and acorn stew. I thought I would never be 5 feet tall (and along with that thought I could be a professional jockey) and that all 18 year old girls actually looked like Barbie and went to the prom in a limo.

Now I wonder why I had those thoughts and dreams, how they've changed and how my home isn't the archetype, but it is absolutely heaven. I surpassed 60 inches when I was in junior high, maintained my brown hair and less curvaceous figure, and went to my junior prom with a guy who had a crush on my best friend. I totally skipped out on senior prom.
It all looks so different in the distance.

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Unknown said...

aah, for me it was my little ponies and jem dolls. those were the days. i thought all 18 year old girls had crimped hair and blue eye liner and worshipped bon jovi, because that's how my "cool" aunt vicky was. turns out that wasn't the case. :) barbies and hair band worshipping 18 year olds-- the world would a different place, wouldn't it?