Company is coming!
Hooray! I love having people over, but this time it meant the end of an
era of finely honed excuses allowing me to keep making messes and not cleaning up after myself. So here is the reality of being out of town every weekend for a month.
But Sloane, if you're reading this, it looks much better now.
And Mary, if you're reading this, I'm finally ready for a studio visit!

I think I had the equivalent weight in scrap paper of a 4 year old tree. It's off to the recycling center today, since I tore myself away from the "but I'll use that one day" philosophy.
Let's all make a collective "phew" and celebrate the weight lifted off my shoulders by doing a big purge, shall we??


cipolla said...

looks like my workshop.
yay for purging indeed!
i'm officially tagging you
(see my latest post for details).
cheers! m.

pinkalmond said...

I'm glad to know I can relate to someone!!