while on the other coast. . .

The wildfires are spreading.
We all need to do what we can, and now is the right time to start thinking about ways to help.
Marie Rounsavell (aka Marimello) has started a collective to accept donations of goodies. The details are here.
Lemme break it down for you:
You can donate, you can purchase, or you can share your relief-giving experience. There will be oodles of goodies for sale for under $10, and each purchase or donation (including if you just share a fire-relief-giving experience on the blog) will enter you to win a big ol' goodie basket.
It's easy, it's fun, and you get to feel good. Now. Git to gittin'.

Seriously. Or I'll start a long list of the people I know who have been or will be directly affected by these fires. That's a pretty hefty burden to bear.

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