Just in case you haven't heard (I'm not sure that's possible, though) the poppytalkhandmade market is live as of this morning. I'm in gallery 67 if you want to check it out! Most of you already know what my work is like, though, so I strongly urge you to check out the work there. It blew me away and simultaneously flattered me that I could be a part of such an incredible group of artists and craftpersons.

This print, by Birdie1973, is both adorable and affordable: $20!

Since one of this blogs namesakes is my full-grown puppy, Wolfgang, I feel it would be wrong not to mention Trisha Comb's new shop: Bill Pickles Dog Co.

They sound delicious enough for people to eat (yogurt and carob?!?! YUM!) and the packaging is beautiful! I say, it's about time the canine world had something that tastes good with good design taste!I have serious amounts of pics to upload, but between preparing for shows and, well, preparing for shows, my time has been limited. The house is still on hold, and the mister is being quite patient as I whirl like a creative hurricane through each room, making, making and making more, leaving markers, frayed remnants of fabric, and minuscule paper bits in my path.

I do have (insert drum roll) a sneak peak of the 2008 calendar, though! I'm very excited, so check it out! They are now available for preorder, get on the list today!!


Dawn said...

It's wonderful to see such talent. That's really beautiful work. Well done! :-)

Unknown said...

congrats! the poppy shop seems awesome. and i can't wait to get my hands on this calendar of yours......

Jan Halvarson said...

calendar? ahem.......make sure you send me an image to talk about! and thanks for the mention!

Francesca said...

thanks for posting about my print!