Today: Quiescent

quiescent \kwy-ESS-unt\ adjective: tranquilly at rest

what a good word for today, a day when I woke up at 4:30 to the sound of the mr.'s alarm clock. sleepy eyed til 5, when we took time to have coffee together before he left for work.
i'm much more of a morning person than he is. and boy am I chatty at 5 AM. so chatty.

ahh, the ring.
there is a story to this ring, the one that I caught on the back of the sink, while we renovate a bathroom that hadn't fully been updated since the 50s, I think.
it's on the back of the wall mounted iron sink, surrounded by dust, rust and debris. but the colors in this picture do make me feel tranquil, and the inscription makes me smile every time I see it.

me and the mr. had a rough start, you see. one i went into in this post. but when our time came, when we both said okay, I'm ready, we exchanged gifts: I gave him a 6-pack of beer and a very special key, he gave me this ring.

have you heard the joke: how many ADD kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?
what? huh?
wanna go ride bikes?

see, that's how we are together. we play and adventure together. and though neither of us is really ADD, we both have a vast amount of interests that keeps us both fairly busy and sometimes, somewhat, distracted.

not too long after he gave me the ring, i gave it back to him. . .this time it came with a stronger vow: i asked him to marry me. so he wore that as our engagement ring.

when we got married in toronto, back on my finger it went.

then we got "married" here and it went into retirement, we exchanged silver bands i found the day before the ceremony.

this ring was too special for living in retirement, so soon after it was put away, it came back out and back to his finger it went.

that's a lot of action for a ring, and how happy it makes me to know all it's been through. it truly has the magnetism and endurance it represents. so while not all moments are tranquil, this morning with my mister, drinking coffee, talking (incessantly) to him with my eyes half opened, i gazed on him with a hazy and quiescent gratitude.

maybe I'm not totally calm today. after all, tonight i'll hear the sweet, sweet voice of willie, and he will sing ballads. and i will then be tranquil and satisfied.


Amy Urquhart said...

Have fun tonight with Willie!

Stephanie said...

love this post about the traveling ring. So adorable and wonderful. "wanna ride bikes" sounds like something a kindergardener says to his crush. Seriously SO sweet. =)

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

thanks amy! i'm so anxious i haven't been able to do anything since i got off work!

stephanie--in many ways i think we are kindergarteners. . .which is good most of the time!