Toe May Toe

After 4 days of thunderstorms, we're just beginning to catch up on our rain here in the Piedmont. Everything is turning green again; the wilting has subsided. As with all freakish bouts of weather, this one brought out conspiracy theories of many a school child, since it has been dry and hot for a month, perfect for pool days. School lets out for the summer and voila! Rain galore!
I'm not complaining. We have a garden full of Summer Squash and tomatoes bigger than my fist. Tomato sandwiches and dinners based around the glorious home-grown tomatoes will be here before we know it.
If you aren't already doing so, it's time to visit Hanna's Fetish-tastic Garden of Dirty Delights. And harkening back to the days of her '06 Tomato Tastings, 'cause kids, it's time to get learnt on them berries.
Let's see if I can remember what WATS's Tomato Tastings may hold in store this summer, shall we?
Better Boys,
Early Girls (WHAT?!? you can buy them on etsy!?!?),
German Johnsons (which apparently originated in North Carolina! Baby, you're home!),
Yellow Pear.

By the way, that picture was taken a month ago. I'll post a new one later today. Just keep in mind, no additional fertilizer was used in the production of this garden beyond compost.

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