Tidying up (Or updates on loose ends)

(Left) The green explosion known as the vegetable garden. Click on the image to see it full sized (where you can also eye my little 'maters.)

(Right) Remember this drawing? Here it is, finished and installed at its new home! Photo courtesy of our friend, Mr. Whitlow, who will be a proud papa any moment now (literally)!

And who was my 300th heart? It was the lovely Miss Pinkalmond! Sewer of all things glorious, and her shop fits in perfectly with the theme of decorating a baby room. Check out her fanciful mobiles (bottom left), and incredibly stylish diaper changing pads. Thanks Pinkalmond for [hearting] my shop, I hope you love your new Wolfie and the Sneak piece! Seems like several of you ran on over there and hearted me, I feel so loved! Don't fret, and keep checking out the blog, 'cause I sure do love giving gifts!

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