Knee deep in dirt

These gray days make me (and keep me) sleepy. Not good for motivation, great for catching up on sleep. We've had 2 days of thunderstorms and expect another 6 days of them out of the next 10. So it's also great for saving on the water bill!
There were a handful of ripened figs on the bushes yesterday, and have since been picked and all but one have been eaten. Usually at this time we'll have about 5 pounds ready for picking, but the unusually late winter frost took care of the early growth, and, subsequently, the first little figs.
After reading Andrea's trend prediction for air plants over on Heavy Petal, I had to order some of my own. Had to and needed to. Especially since all of my overwintered plants were essentially treated like air plants, I needed some low maintenance living greenery inside. I ordered several varieties from Air Plant City (after seeking out the supplier closest to me) and they came over the weekend.
I think I have a nifty display idea up my sleeve, too, but I'll keep it a secret until it happens. Hint, it has to do with this post and the comments I received on it.
While growth is the theme, we have little baby house wrens in one of the guest houses on the property! Why am I surprised? The birdhouse is only about 4 feet off the ground, mounted to a corner post on the fence. There is another house about 40 feet away, mounted on a post about 8 feet off the ground, close to a thick area of trees and next to a feeder. It's a white Victorian style, single-family dwelling that has been vacant for the past 2 years. Maybe I need to put a "for rent" sign up? This house, in a less ideal location, is adjacent to the driveway and overlooks a flower bed I often work in. While I work, the momma and papa visit frequently, feeding the kids and watching me curiously and without the slightest suspicion, often less than 2 feet from me! If you'll notice in the picture, they seem to like the uneven tiles and use them to cling to the house during feeding time. Astounding and trusting little creatures!


Amy Urquhart said...

I love that bird house...did you make it?

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I did make it, several years ago. I worked for an artist who shall remain unnamed who made similar mosaic-ed items and sold them for a small fortune, so I took her technique and copied it (we had a falling out, i don't feel so bad!) it needs some cleaning up and regrouting. I sure hers do, too.