Once upon a time, in the land of Wolfie and the Sneak, there were a bunch of over ripe bananas.
As is usually the case with overripe bananas, these particularly brown fruits seemed destined to become 'naner pudding.
Alas, little chubby R couldn't let such a fattening southern delicacy end up in the fridge, so she began a'mushin and a mixing and a'beating and a'stirrin, then a little dollopin' and a bit of bakin'. Voila! Honey Nut Banana muffins! So very good!
Based on this recipe, but I changed a little bit of it, remembering cooking methods from my days of veganism.
I used organic whole wheat all-purpse flour rather than white all-purpose flour.
Instead of eggs, I used 3 tablespoons Ener-g egg replacer with no water added, just threw it in with all the other ingredients because:
I used about 7/8 cup of honey rather than brown sugar.
The bananas were ones that started turning last week, so I peeled them and stuck them in the freezer until 2 hours before the baking spree began.
I also didn't follow the directions on when to add what, I just blended it all together. I wish I'd broken up the walnuts (oh yeah, used walnuts rather than pecans but not for any particular reason) more, they're big and chunky, though I'm sure some people like that texture.
So that's it! Throw it all in a bowl, mix it together and you'll have 14 or so delicious honey nut banana muffins. Mmm, makes me want some cheerios.

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