Sex is bad, mmmkay?

I read this article while waiting for my lunch today. While I'm not against having meaningful , sexually inclusive relationships (obviously I'm married and very much a part of one) I'm not sure how helpful this mindset is. It is geared towards young women rather than young people. Why can't we let everyone know it is okay to be emotionally and sexually vulnerable? Can't young men come out of a "hook up" with a deeper attachment as well?
Let's just maintain the myth that all women are vulnerable and fragile creatures, while all men are cold hearted and horny. Very productive, people.

Just don't get me started on the abstinence only education programs. . . because we all know kids who don't know how to use contraception stay virgins until they're married. Then they only have sex to procreate.

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Anonymous said...

That's infuriating. I know plenty of guys that have been used and couldn't move on.