Freshly Sliced Art

This little feller is the newest edition to my etsy shop. He's a 3 1/2" x 4" print, ready for you to color! Comes with 2 scented Mr Stix markers or just frame it as is. A bargain at $3 and free shipping!

Enough shameless self-promo, eh?

Yesterday I opted for a long, peaceful, comfy nap over housework and yardwork, and it was glorious.

After a friend asked me to do a drawing for him I realized it's time to start picking projects. For a long time I was starving for excuses to be creative because after 8 years of art school I had no desire to make anything. So recently all sorts of opportunities have come up and I've found myself drowning in a to-do list with my head spinning and no direction of where to start.

So an hour or so after this particular friend asked me to said drawing, I realized I have to prioritize in a way that will benefit my career. It's a tough decision to make, because I am a "yes" person and I enjoy helping others out, if I can.

Just to clarify, no complaints here! But I do think it's important to iterate: boundaries are okay and you can't do everything all at once. I have a bad habit of trying to do it all, but today I'll start a new habit: saying no when I need to. This is an important lesson to learn, kids! We all gotta practice it!

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