It's gorgeous and spring-like around these parts. The daffodils are some of the ones my Mema planted when she lived in this house. I love having them around, the connection makes me appreciate them even more.
Since the tote bags are out the door, we've a little cleaning up to do, but I'd rather chat here in blogland. Really, we have a LOT of cleaning to do. Instead, I spent the morning drawing and the entire afternoon outside digging and filling in under my fingernails with dirt. It was glorious.
Well, ciao for now. I guess the cleaning won't do itself. When it's breaktime again I'll share some treasures that came in the mail and other little gems from the garden!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I have someone to feel my pain! I just wasted a whole lovely day cleaning (and played a bit of soccer in the street and enjoyed the spring-like weather for a moment!)

Hope your cleaning goes quickly. Glad to see you are feeling better too...

MrBrownThumb said...


Nice blog. I just saw you faved my blog on technorati so I'm going to fave you back as soon as I leave you this comment.