Hello again dear friends!
My little disappearance was due to the stomach flu. . . an event that took Charlie to the emergency room and spread to 50% of the family members at a birthday dinner for my uncle this past Saturday. Not fun.
I am also not fully recovered, though finally back at work.
Thanks to everyone out there who supported the Christian Carlos Fund auction either through bidding or spreading the word. Together we raised $1200 for him!
Since my energy is low, and I should be storing it for the encroaching Season D'irt, I'd like to direct you to greenjewls, the beautiful, bountiful blog of "mimulus" (who also happens to be the organizer of the auction!)

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Anonymous said...

Yay for the Carlos fund!! But, sad for your tummy! And half of the party??? What did they feed you?? Yikes!!!! Hope youf eel better! XXO, Vanessa